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Refik Anadol - Digital Dreams
Sat 04. Jul - Fri 04. Sep 2020
Kurhaus Baden-Baden
The Experience Baden-Baden

Painters paint with brushes - Refik Anadol paints with data. Colors become pixels. The canvas becomes the LED wall. While our senses locate us in the real world, the real world has already been captured in billions of data and data streams, analyzed and reflected in a fascinating parallel world. The internationally renowned media artist dives into the secret realms of computers and processors. He explores the mighty creatures of artificial intelligence behind the physical surfaces and transfers them into highly aesthetic data sculptures full of surprising effects and of flowing energies. In the Kurhaus Baden-Baden, Refik Anadol presents the possibilities of media art at the highest technical level using latest high-end projectors and LED walls. Three of his data sculptures transform the historically charming architecture of the Kurhaus into a programmed course of flowing pixels and mutating plants, thus captivating the visitor.

Melting Memories - Memories become visible art, they come material. Melting Memories offers new insights into the representational possibilities emerging from the intersection of advanced technology and contemporary art. The viewer is immersed in a creative vision of "recollection". In the form of data paintings, data sculptures and light projections, the artwork penetrates new technological levels, which enable the visitor to experience aesthetic interpretations of motor movements within the human brain. The data is based on the brain waves of volunteers who remembered long past experiences of long-term memory while recording an EEG.

Nature Dreams - Nature as a totality that fills the gaps in our otherwise narrow perception of the cosmos lies at the heart of Anadol’s Nature Dreams. Artificial intelligence developed an algorithm that created a flowing artwork by applying machine learning to 46 million images. Nature Dreams is a kind of reality experiment, a cinematic experience commemorating the beauty of the land we share. The immersive artwork which makes the virtually created space appear real, incorporates pigments, shapes, and patterns that we associate with our sensory experiences with nature while paying homage to its unbound poetic sublimity.

Bosphorus - The relationship between simulation, reality and the quest for understanding is largely a reflexive one. In the stories we tell and the worlds we build, we continually construct mirrors that offer meditations on our identity while simultaneously becoming a part of nature itself. Bosphorus is a data sculpture inspired by high frequency radar data collections of Marmara Sea provided by Turkish State Meteorological Service in every 30 minutes intervals. The data of sea surface activity over a period of 30 days are transformed into a poetic, immersive experience on two levels. The projections on the floor and on the screen make the movements of the sea tangible in a unique way.

Refik Anadol, born in Istanbul in 1985, has made a name for himself world-wide as a media artist. He now lives and works in Los Angeles. On the basis of his parametric data sculptures he creates expansive digital installations. By using artificial intelligence, Anadol explores the space between digital and physical entities, creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media art. He is best known for his large-scale media works on the exterior architecture of internationally renowned art and cultural institutions. Refik Anadol is a lecturer in UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts. He is the recipient of numerous renowned awards and prizes, including Microsoft Research's Best Vision Award, the German Design Prize, the UCLA Art+Architecture Moss Award, the Institute for Research in the Arts Award of the University of California, the SEGD Global Design Award and Google's Art and Machine Intelligence Artist Residency Award. Refik Anadol's works are now being presented worldwide. His works have been shown on the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Artechouse in New York, the International Biennale of Digital Art in Montreal and exhibitions in Australia, Asia and many European countries. For the first time, selected works by Refik Anadol are now shown in Baden-Baden.

Refik Anadol - Digital Dreams is a tour through the Kurhaus Baden-Baden. Our hygiene protection concept in accordance with the Corona protection regulations stipulates that visitors

- must always wear a mouth-nose mask when visiting
- maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other visitors
- must follow the instructions of the supervisory staff.

Attending the event with symptoms of illness is not allowed.

When purchasing your ticket, please select the desired starting time and enter your name as well as the name of the persons accompanying you. You should plan around 60 minutes for the tour. Admission in every 20 minutes intervals. Please be sure to arrive in time. The tour is timed very precisely. The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Latest admission at 6 p.m. Thursdays closed. Thank you very much. We are looking forward to your visit.

Ticket prices
Adults 12 €
Children 6 to 12 years 7 €
Pupils/students/pensioners 9 €
Handicapped persons 6 €
Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children): 28 €
School groups and other groups on request

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