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Christoph Sieber

Thu 29. Feb 2024 / 20.00 o'clock
Kurhaus Baden-Baden • Runder Saal
"Carry on"

After a six-month break, Christoph Sieber is finally back on tour. And that's a good thing. The world is full of catastrophe news and it is right and important that someone speaks out against the madness. In a world of doomsday scenarios, Sieber makes it clear: hope dies last. In the end, humour wins. Giving up is not an option.

Many called out to him at the end of his last programme: Mr Sieber, please continue!  And he always just said: I can't help it. What else can we do but carry on? Continue" is about us. About social confusion, about cohesion and what divides us. As always, Christoph Sieber garnishes current political cabaret with the big topics of our time: football, politics, society and the question of why naked moles so rarely go shopping. All this is embellished with song, dance and a whole round of characters taken from real life. There is a reunion with baker Häberle, Charity-Dieter and finally Sieber's long-lost brother has his say.

Not only those who appreciate Sieber from television should definitely experience him live. Because nothing makes political cabaret more than laughing, complaining and crying together, and afterwards drinking a beer together in the foyer in the knowledge: It goes on. Life is too serious not to laugh about it. True to the motto: You have to laugh so that it sticks in your throat. And who, if not Sieber, could counter the general doom and gloom with his vision: The end of the world!

Tickets: € 26 (free choice of seats). Tickets are available online and at our booking offices.

Christoph Sieber, © Tatiana Kurda

Translated by Deepl.