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Little Red Riding Hood and Bremen Town Musicians

Sun 11. May 2025 / 15.00 o'clock
Kurhaus Baden-Baden • Runder Saal

Tickets: children up to 12 years € 10, adults € 12. Tickets are available online and at our booking offices.

Little Red Riding Hood
The mother has great faith in her child when she sends Little Red Riding Hood alone through the forest to her grandmother's house. For the evil wolf is lurking in the forest. He shows Little Red Riding Hood the beautiful flowers off the path, and while the girl gets deeper and deeper into the forest, the wolf eats the weak grandmother. Fortunately, the hunter hears the wolf's loud snoring and frees them both from the wolf's dark belly.
The production is also aimed at younger children. We don't show the evil wolf eating the grandmother and, a little later, Little Red Riding Hood, but simply switch off the lights at these two points.

The Bremen Town Musicians
For many years the donkey carried the sacks to the mill undaunted, the dog was always a faithful companion to his master on the hunt, the cat kept her wife's house free of mice and every morning the rooster greeted the sun with joy and woke the farmers. Now the animals are old and their masters (and wives) want to reward them badly for their faithful service: The donkey is to be taken to the horse butcher, the dog has been chased away, the cat is to be drowned and the rooster is to give his life for soup. But together, the old animals are still strong. With cunning, wit, their music and their shadows, they drive away the robbers and take the house in the forest as their retirement home and have a good time.

Recommended age from 4 years. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Duration: 2 x 25 minutes without intermission. Theater der Dämmerung.

Baden-Baden Events GmbH offers a combination ticket for the children's series. If you book at least four children's events at the same time (except for the musical "Tarzan" and the concert "Eule und Lerche"), you will receive a discount on the ticket price. Bookings and information on the combination tickets can only be made via the booking offices or via Baden-Baden Events GmbH.

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Foto: © Friedrich Raad