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Leoluca Orlando featured by “Schoog im Dialog”

Sun 24. Mar 2024 / 20.00 o'clock
Kurhaus Baden-Baden • Runder Saal
Talk series with Bernadette Schoog

"Schoog in Dialogue" is the name of the series created in 2023, in which Bernadette Schoog will invite prominent guests to talk to her in the Kurhaus four times a year. In each case, an exciting personality will be interviewed by Bernadette Schoog on stage exclusively in front of an audience about their life, visions, ideas, imprints, thoughts etc. An up-close, ninety-minute experience with a prominent person, an empathetic discussion leader - and all in a beautiful ambience.

Leoluca Orlando is Bernadette Schoog's guest. Leoluca Orlando was (with a few interruptions) mayor of Palermo from 1985 to 2022 and one of the most internationally renowned mafia hunters.His two comrades-in-arms, the public prosecutors Falcone and Borselino, fell victim to the Mafia in bomb attacks one after the other, and the airport in Palermo bears both their names. Leoluca Orlando was supposed to be next, but the people of Sicily got behind their mayor so vehemently that the Mafia had to decide to let him live, the trouble would have been too great. Orlando, who speaks very good German because he studied law in Heidelberg, has been celebrated internationally for his politics. To this day, having given up his active life as a politician at the age of 76, he leads a life in Sicily with his family under the highest security conditions. It was certainly a great success for him that in January 2023 the head of the Cosa Nostra, Messina Denaro, could finally be arrested. But Orlando also knows there are enough others who will take his place. So he continues to speak tirelessly about where corruption and criminal machinations can lead, right into the highest circles. His fight for peaceful coexistence continues.

Tickets: 25 € (free choice of seats). 80 € package price when booking all Schoog in Dialogue dates in 2024.Tickets sre available onlineand in our ticket offices.

Fotos: Leoluca Orlando, © Peter Petter; Bernadette Schoog, © Peter M. Schoog

Translated by Deepl.